Who is SYSCOM?

SYSCOM is by far, the largest . . .


SYSCOM is by far, the largest Security and Emergency wholesale distributor in Latin America. It owns the biggest equipment and parts inventory in the industry. Sells more cameras, alarms, sirens, and two way radios than all of its competitors together !!

For 31 years, SYSCOM has been growing; strongly focusing on its customer needs. 99% of its business is done through specialized Dealers located across Mexico and several other countries.

SYSCOM, not only moves boxes; supports its Dealers with Technical and Engineering issues before and after sale, in order to help them integrate systems that comply and exceed end user's requirements.

SYSCOM owns the biggest Service Department of its kind. All of the equipment sold IS GUARANTEED and saves time and money to the dealer; and to the manufacturer saving freight costs.

100% Mexican company, with over 500 employees and seven warehouses strategically located throughout Mexico in order to assist its dealers in the fastest possible way, SYSCOM stocks more than 18,000 SKUs ( stock keeping unit ) shipping and delivering 99% of all of the orders the same day.

10 years ago, SYSCOM certified its procedures under ISO 9000 and is audited biannually by Perry Johnson Registrars from Michigan USA. SYSCOM also requires ISO 9000 to its vendors.

The company policy is to purchase directly from the manufacturers (not Distributors, not Sales Reps), and prefer long term relationships. SYSCOM has been increasing its business along with the majority of its more than 550 worldwide suppliers.

SYSCOM experiences a very low personnel turnover and has an intensive internal training program (more than 36,000 hours per year). In addition, SYSCOM has a team of 100 Engineers and Technicians who travel to different factories located around the world in the USA, Canada, the UK, Israel, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and Mexico, in order to keep up to date with quality procedures and to learn more about the products. Our Engineers are highly specialized and experienced in different technologies (RF propagation, GPS, Warning Lights (Police and Heavy Duty), TCP/IP, WLAN, GPRS, Alarm Systems, Control Access Systems, RF Circuits, Digital Video, etc).

In order to cover the South American market, SYSCOM owns an American company located in El Paso, Texas, with branches in Miami, FL. and San Diego, CA.

SYSCOM is part of the most important international trade shows as an exhibitor, like IWCE and ISC in Las Vegas, ASE Americas and others in Miami, APCO International, ASIS, B3 (EXPOCOMM) and some others in Mexico City, Santiago, Caracas, Sao Paulo, Bogota, and in many other Cities.

SYSCOM is always focused on the end user's total satisfaction. To reach this goal, it maintains a continuous training program during the year, which is developed by its Engineering staff. Dealers and their employees travel to the capitol city of Chihuahua, at least once a year, for a one-week training session. They receive product training and updating, technologies, hardware and software. We give a very high value to this matter, we have much experience and most important 'knowhow'. Exams are applied at the end of every course. There are different kinds and levels of courses. Dealers are classified in different groups and levels (almost 30 different classifications).So they are allowed to buy only items from the category in which they have been approved, depending on its knowledge and business infrastructure. When an end user call is received, is redirected to the closest dealer with the right profile.

SYSCOM designs and print its own catalogs, edited quarterly, for a total of more than 200,000 copies a year. These are also used by EPCOM.

There is a Security Catalog which includes CCTV, Alarms and Access Controls (200 pages); and there is also a Radio Communication catalog which includes 2-Way Radios, Wireless (WLAN), Antennas, Communication Towers, Coaxial Cables, Sirens and Light bars, Emergency Communication controllers and Dispatch Consoles. (270 pages).

Surveys show that most of Technology Dealers in Latin American have at least one SYSCOM Catalog, not older than one year.

SYSCOM main headquarters are located in Chihuahua, a very important Mexican city, two hundred miles south from the U.S border and very well communicated with the rest of the country and to the United States, by land and air.

Número de Registro en la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Distrito Federal: Permiso 2968 Expediente 3331-11

Número de Registro de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública Federal: DGSP/231-12/2131